Posted 3 months ago
This guy helped wash dishes for over two hours yesterday. He moved a step ladder around the kitchen to put away dishes in places that were too high for him to reach. He said many times over that he would like to "for real" work the dish pit when the restaurant opens again. He said he would need to get to know all of the kitchen guys but was pretty sure they already liked him a lot so it will be cool with them that someone a bit younger (9 years old) is working at Azzurra.  It was grounding to have our two kids there yesterday helping to continue cleaning, freezing down food, packing boxes for family and friends who are staying home because they have travelled or have vulnerabilities to this thing. Crazy times. Although this new reality keeps us all apart physically, I want to say that I am thinking of you all.  I am heartened by those who have reached out to check in. We are doing okay and are taking this one day at a time, as everyone is. Sending lovelove to all of you - staff, guests, friends and neighbours. We are all dealing with this in our own way and like many, I have been quietly trying to navigate this with my family. Please reach out if you or someone you know needs something. While kids and I were in the mode of moving food around in the restaurant we packaged some thing up as part of our "homeschooling routine"(rounded out by many, many hours of roblox and FaceTime). #familytime #lovelove #stayathome #itsallgonnabeokay
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