Posted 5 months ago
A story of SWEET POTATO GNOCCHI (one of many) Tried and tested over open fire at FOODSTOCK 20ll protest for the Melancton MegaQuarry. As our amazing Azzurra team lugged gear into the mucky, cold woods, we wondered if any guests would brave the bitter day. Kitchen crew hours of labour rolling out gnocchi would be waste if no one came. But they came in droves! We had line ups all day and were filled with warmth & togetherness of everyone there with a single purpose. Quarry was stopped! We were proud to have been a tiny part of a massive, important thing. We made all the difference together. Actress Rachel McAdams had been there and tasted our gnocchi. The following month @cassie.mackell and I working the floor on a Sunday night and Rachel McAdams turned up with her family for dinner. Cassie and I were both (embarrassingly) starstruck. I was nervous with our young @chefcoachkenny barely 20 at the time on his first shift as the salad guy after a long tenure in dish pit. Running the show on grill line a young @turtlespeedtravel or @aaron.redick.7 ?! She ordered the caesar to start & discovered a blue rubber band mixed in with her lettuce halfway through eating. Horror of horrors. Kenneth was devastated. He took his job more seriously than your average 20 yr old. Guests began to recognize her and the second half of her meal (gnocchi) was interrupted many times over by starstruck restaurant patrons. Years later, she came back. Kenneth, now in the first weeks of the grill-guy knocked it out of the park. No rubber bands. She was dining with folks who had been long time regulars who laughed at the story. It all began with the sweet potato gnocchi. @leona_nyman_ insta page where our old chef shared an awesome vid tutorial for the gnocchi. Try this at home, make it for your family, drop some off to a neighbour. Sharing meals feeds us emotionally as much as physically - we’re brought together by food. Time to feed your family, neighbours, friends good food and (wine), conversation, respect, love and kindness. We continue to offer the grocery program at Azzurra and will include the sweet potato gnocchi ingredients in the shop next week!
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