Good Grief Coffee - 1kg Bag

Starting at $50.00
Brazil - Chocolatey and smooth, there is something very familiar and traditional about this espresso bean while still living outside the box. This is a great ‘comfort coffee’ for those not quite ready to jump into the deep end of the speciality coffee game.
Colombia - Bright, sweet and balanced, this bean is full of flavour. Roasted a little lighter we prefer this coffee as drip, french press or pour over. With notes of blackberry and honey this washed bean will light up your life!
Decaf - Hands down, this is not your average swiss water decaf – it actually tastes good, or at least we like to think so! Cacao and honey notes offer a delicate smoothness from start to finish. You’ll be buzzing all day just from the flavour alone. We promise, there’s no caffeine in there!
Ethiopia - A bag of strawberry fields forever, but literally. This fruit-forward natural coffee will take your palate on a wild ride through a variety of berry fields. Although we prefer this coffee as a filter brew, it can also make for a really adventurous espresso. It pairs amazingly with mi(y)lk, but is just as delicious on its own.
Honduras - A bag of silky smooth, this bean is perfect for your daily cuppa; hints of baking spices and vanilla will keep you coming back for more even when you think you’d had enough and you’ll never sleep again.
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